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How To Use

A) Make sure your stickers are flat.
If your sticker won't lie flat, place your sticker on a smooth surface and put a few heavy books on it for 24 hours. When your sticker is flattened you can also run a credit card over it a few times to prevent bubbles later on.
B) Make sure the surface is clean.
Wipe down the surface where you plan to attach your stickers with a dry cloth. Our stickers can be stuck to almost any smooth surface as long as it isn't wet or dirty.
C) Work out how you want your stickers placed.
Firstly cut roughly around the stickers to remove unwanted backing. We recommend using masking tape to place the stickers on the surface where you want them first, to get your desired placement perfect. Our stickers can be removed easily and cleanly from the surface to which they are stuck but can not be reused.
D) Prepare the stickers
Place your stickers on a clean, flat surface, white backing side up. A table with a smooth surface is ideal for this. Wipe the edge of a credit card over the back of the entire sticker to activate the bond between the sticker and the clear tape. Very slowly and carefully start peeling the white backing away away from the clear tape at a 45° angle, starting at a corner. The sticker should remain attached to the clear tape. If it doesn't, stop peeling and carefully rub the white backing back onto the sticker with you hand, which will allow the sticker to bond with the tape again, after which you can try peeling the backing off again. When you are finished you can discard the white backing.
E) The fun part!
You're almost there but don't get too excited just yet as you have to be careful not to allow the stickers to stick to themselves while putting them up (they are really sticky). Don't let that put you off though as it isn't difficult.
Put one edge of the sticker in your desired position and pressing firmly, move your hand slowly over the sticker. Using a credit card again rub the sticker slowly and smoothly over the entire sticker. When you're happy the sticker has been smoothed down you can (again carefully and slowly) peel off the clear tape; stopping if any of the sticker lifts with it. If it does simply press it back and give it a little rub, then continue peeling the tape. Do this for each of your stickers and we hope you like your new designer surfaces!

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